Meet the amazing Inspiring Communities team

Hashim Bhayat

A fully qualified IAG/ Careers Advisor with over 15 years’ experience of working with both adults and young people in educational/employment settings. Passionate about empowering people to achieve their full potential by helping them overcome any potential barriers or needs. Has strong links and existing networks with local services/providers; that will be paramount to promote and exercise the range of services being offered by Inspiring Communities. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family, eating out and traveling when possible. He’s happiest when Arsenal is winning!

Yunus Bin Yusuf

Yunus is a successful Business Systems consultant and Developer for one of the largest social housing firms in London. With extensive experience in this field, he has project managed large complex projects. Locally, Yunus is the Secretary of Hillfields Muslim Association and has played an active role in championing numerous local and national charity projects.  He is keen to apply his skills and expertise to help the local community and develop Inspiring Communities to offer a wider range of services to the public.

Asif Takolia

A secondary school teacher for 5 years and currently working for the Coventry city Council Asif has worked with young people in community projects for 10 years and has led on projects to help them into employment or education. Having been on the Muslim Council of Britain youth committee, Asif has led on projects nationally to highlight the work of Islamic Charities. Focusing on community empowerment, he would like to work with young people to give back to the community through projects that will help the most vulnerable. In his spare time, he enjoys traveling around the globe and has visited countries for charity relief.

Zubair Khalifa

Zubair works for Coventry City Council and is responsible for the transition of vulnerable children from primary to secondary schools. He also mentors children in his spare time at Masjid-e-Zeenatul Islam in Coventry and is involved with several third sector organisations. Zubair’s involvement with vulnerable children and families along with his charitable work has developed a passion in undertaking further legal studies. Zubair is passionate about the aims of Inspiring Communities and aims to ensure no one goes hungry in our city. In his spare time, Zubair enjoys reading, eating out and is a keen sports fan.

Muhammed Bhayat

Muhammad works for an engineering company based in Warwick, as a senior IT engineer currently helping the company move from a physical to a virtual environment, whilst managing the IT infrastructure on a daily basis. In the evenings he volunteers his time at Masjid-e-Zeenatul Islam, supporting the IT infrastructure and managing the finances of the evening classes, as well as helping with the day to day running of the institute. A keen follower of football, who enjoys traveling and programming computers.

Aysha Takolia

While trying to be the best home executive there is, Aysha is currently working as a head assistant at Madrasah Zeenatul Islam. Aysha comes with experience in leading community projects including Parents Action Group for a local school. She also manages the Zeenat Ladies Group which works on skills development and empowerment for women. In her professional life, Aysha is a director of a company she has established working on imports. In her spare time, Aysha enjoys reading Islamic Literature and is happiest when she knows she has made a positive change in someone’s life.